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 I'm C. L. Post, author of  Short Stuff, Be and The Down the Road Collection and Other Popular Poems.

Short Stuff

My new book, Short Stuff, is just that. Poems of stuff that are short. The poems cover many different topics and can be enjoyed by both young and old alike. It's my third book of poetry after my first book, Be, and my second titled Down the Road.

Short Stuff was written to prove that a subject can be expressed in a short, concise manner. Each poem is only four lines long and the book contains 444 of them. There are poems on many different ideas.

Please consider acquiring this book. I know you will enjoy it. Thanks for your patronage.

C. L. Post.

Poetry is a passionate art which graciously and courageously explores your most intimate thoughts and emotions.

Some people never reach their full potential, whether because of doubt, circumstance or situation. People must be brave and stand tall no matter their circumstances.

I hope you find my writing enjoyable. I write to inspire, to stimulate thoughts and because I enjoy it. 

I hope you find "The Brave Stand Tall" inspiring. It is featured in "The Best Poems and Poets of 2005" published by The International Library of Poetry.com.

The Brave Stand Tall
The heart is the soul of life
To become unique is to be an individual
and all individuals are unique.
When the individual can be himself,
he is free.
This is taken to mean everyone.
The brave stand tall.