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Welcome to my website. I am Uncle Craig (C. L. Post). My first illustrated children's book is titled The Adventures of Petunia.

It is the light-hearted adventures of 10 year old Petunia and her mom and dad. They experience various situations, like encountering strangers at the corner store and travel to places like the local airport, the local supermarket, the dentist and the Big Fair.

Each story is full of description and clearly illustrates the lessons learned, the family harmony, the new destinations, and the childhood wonderment Petunia so innocently exemplifies.

This book places Petunia into situations not unusual for other 10 year old children and shows Petunia to be a child of great imagination.

The book contains five stories and is a total of 89 pages. It is 11" x 8" and has large detailed illustrations. I'm sure your children would love it

My other books include the following:

Be is a short collection of poems meant to generate inspiration on the topics of past, present, future, space, motion and time. It can be expounded upon by all ages. This book will inspire thought and discussion as far as your parameters and ideas will take you. Quite controversial.

The Down the Road Collection contains short-short stories on homelessness and also contains poems that adults and children can relate to as they travel down the road of life.

Short Stuff contains 444 4-line poems, and can be read in part or thoroughly. It is simple, concise, and to the point and would be perfect for a teenager or college student.

The Adventures of Petunia, my fourth book, is perfect for that young inquisitive child, as Petunia (a ten year old girl) takes the reader through her experiences with her family and opens the doors of imagination.

I think friends, relatives and neighbors would enjoy one or more of these books, so please consider them.


Look over the poems sampled here and please consider a purchase. Please keep me in mind when discussing or suggesting poetry to others. I am just starting, but feel I have a talent that should be shared. Thanks for your time, C.L. Post

A Day Off
Working really hard
With no time to sloth
Can’t wait much longer
To take a day off.

Roses with their thorns
Often times will nail ya
But the beauty of the spring
Can be seen in the azalea.

 Funny Money
When one takes lightly
The scope of economics
Then the nature of life
Will be left up to the comics.

When sitting around the campfire
In the great outdoors
Don’t forget the memories
Or the stories told with s’mores.

Socks come in many colors
Some look like this and that
But the ones that give you trouble
Are the ones that don’t match.

Some come with string
Some come with a zipper
Is there anything close
To the comfort of a slipper.

If it doesn’t happen
Then you can say never
But once upon a time
Is really pretty clever

The clock ticks on
With its outreached hands
To measure the time
We spend on this land.

 Flying Cows
They speak of the cow
That jumped over the moon
But what ever happened
To the dish and the spoon?

 Memorial Day
A day for those who gave
The greatest gift of all
To build this country to what it is
Our young brave soldiers fall.

To curb your appetite
Try a little candy
It’s sweet and tastes good
In fact it’s kind of dandy.

Time keeps on ticking
As it passes by
You can never catch it
Even though you may try.

 A Candle
Sitting in the dark
Is something some can’t handle
So for a little light
They might strike up a candle.

Before the paper
Before the phone
Sometimes it’s nice
To be left alone.

 Great Memories
The things you remember
Are the things that rate
So try to remember
The things that are great.

Just when you think
Your ducks are in a row
A storm whips up quick
And you’re covered with snow.

 A Gazer
You may wonder many things
When gazing at a star
You may wonder where you’re going
You may wonder where you are.

 Bottle of Wine
Arbors in position
Grapes upon the vine
Soon it will be time
For that fine bottle of wine.

 The Simple Life
It’s the simple pleasures
That get us through life
Don’t let things get you down
Shed the trouble and the strife.

 The Frame
Square or rectangular
Holding in place
Pictures of people
With smiles on their face.


Poetry is a passionate art which graciously and courageously explores your most intimate thoughts and emotions.

Some people never reach their full potential, whether because of doubt, circumstance or situation. People must be brave and stand tall no matter their circumstances.

I hope you find my writing enjoyable. I write to inspire, to stimulate thoughts and because I enjoy it. 

I hope you find "The Brave Stand Tall" inspiring. It is featured in "The Best Poems and Poets of 2005" published by The International Library of Poetry.com.

The Brave Stand Tall
The heart is the soul of life
To become unique is to be an individual
and all individuals are unique.
When the individual can be himself,
he is free.
This is taken to mean everyone.
The brave stand tall.